Lucy Liu Look Alike

Lucy Liu Look Alike

lucy liu look alike

Lucy Liu, an American-Chinese actress who began acting in 1989. She played in many small parts of film before she became well-known with her turn as Alex Munday in the Charlie’s Angels film. Lucy Liu is known as one of the most beautiful American-Chinese world wide.

Natasha on the left, born Chinese-Canadian has been told by many people that she looks like Lucy Liu.

A lot of people comes up to me to ask for my autograph! It’s funny. I don’t think I look like her though!

What do you think? Do you think she looks like Lucy Liu?

Does she look like Lucy Liu?

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2 Responsesto “Lucy Liu Look Alike”

  1. Hmm não parece mto…

    don’t look like so much.. but..

  2. Carolina says:

    I was thinking that she was the same person !
    She absolutely look like her 

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