Gladiator Sandals in Taiwan

Gladiator Sandals in Taiwan

Iremember buying a pair of gladiator sandals last year and never had the chance to wear them and now they are back this season and it is even more popular! You’re in luck if you own a pair of basic gladiators since they can be pretty much worn with anything.

Types of Gladiator Sandals

1. Heeled Gladiator Sandals


2. Ankle Wrap


3. Crazy Gladiators


4. Basic Gladiators


Celebs Wears Gladiator


How to Wear Gladiator?

Gladiator goes with anything. They can be worn with dresses, shorts, skirts, leggings or pants depending on which types of gladiator you’re wearing. However, the basic gladiator is good with anything!

Gladiator Street Fashion

Gen and her new pair of black gladiators from Taiwan.

street fashion taiwan gen

Top: Long gray shirt from the night market in Taiwan

Bottom: Black leggings

Black gladiator sandals: Made in Taiwan.

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