Funny Celebrities Hairy Armpit

Funny Celebrities Hairy Armpit

asain armpits

I think girls with hairy armpits are plain gross-EW!  I’ve notice many girls in Asia hardly shave their legs or armpits. I think its silly to walk around wearing a nice tank top with hairy armpit. I mean, come on if you’re lazy to shave those bushy hair, might as well just stay at home- or wear something over to cover it!

asain armpit ugly

Not only Asian girls are having this problem. American celebrities and models has been spotted with hairy armpits too! Below are some pictures of how ugly it is to hairy armpits. Totally disgusting!

hairy ugly armpit


hairy girl armpit


model armpit hair


stinky armpit hair

Alright. It’s time to learn to shave!  If you are afraid to get red bumps and razor rash then you are probably not shaving it correctly! If you follow these steps you can enjoy having smooth armpits and get rid of those red bumps and razor rash.

Shaving Steps:

shave your armpit

1. Always try to shave when you’re taking a bath or shower. The hot water will soften up the hairs and reduce the chances of getting a shaving rash, red bumps or soreness.

2. Apply shaving cream or gel and work up into a lather.

3. Then raise your arm, slowly slide the razor down the armpit until you have reached the bottom. Repeat this until all of the shaving cream has been removed. (Don’t forget to rinse the razor between each stroke!)

4. You can get a closer shave if you now shave in the other direction. Shaving up the armpit will lift the hairs at the base and give you a smoother shave. Repeat the shaving process but go up instead of down.

5. When drying yourself, don’t rub the parts you’ve shaved, because it will cause red bumps and soreness.

6. Apply moisturizer. Try and use a moisturizer that contains no perfume as this will prevent any possible soreness.


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42 Responsesto “Funny Celebrities Hairy Armpit”

  1. ping says:

    I know what you mean. I am asain, and i shave everyday. ACtually my armpit hair does not grow out so quickly. So i shave every 2 or 3 days.
    Thanks for the tip. I didnt know it was better to shave when the The hot water will soften up the hairs and reduce the chances of getting a shaving rash, red bumps or soreness.

  2. boe says:

    gawsh. this cant be real!

  3. eww! how disgusting they are.

  4. Judy says:

    i know..pretty disgusting.

  5. Emily says:

    ewwwwwwww that is gross

  6. michael says:

    I love when a woman is confident enough to go natural. Her body hair makes her so much sexier to me.

  7. Nomad says:

    Well, for you to fully understand before you say it’s gross, it’s like a cultural norm. Most Asian cultures believe that hair is a sense of beauty. They feel beautiful with the hair.

  8. ram says:

    i think thats wonderfull to be natural

  9. thejdogg says:

    nothing wrong with a little nature. female hair is so much softer than a mans. as long as it’s not too out of control, why not? i don’t expect my girl to shave daily. that crap takes time, she’s too busy.

  10. Alice says:

    There is nothing wrong with women having hairy armpits. The idea that it’s ‘gross’ and ‘unnatural’ is just a cultural thing. It requires confidence to go against the rules (which are reinforced by the fact that there is lots of money to be made from hair removal), especially for public figures. Good on them, I say!

  11. Peg says:

    Hair is sexy!

    I don’t care what small minded media driven people say….just because the magazines tell us it’s disgusting doesn’t mean it has to be!

    Lets start an armpit revolution!

  12. Mark (Smithers) says:

    I think that women’s hairy armpits are a symbol of their sexuality and femininity. Please do not shave them!

  13. Harry says:

    No Funny Just Gross!

  14. Roy says:

    Women help save the planet,stop shaving!

  15. Raphael says:

    To me, body hair in women is sexy! there is nothing wrong being natural!

  16. Steve says:

    ‘I think its silly to walk around wearing a nice tank top with hairy armpit. I mean, come on if you’re lazy to shave those bushy hair, might as well just stay at home- or wear something over to cover it!’
    Silly? Too lazy? You just forget that there are men who prefer totally unshaved women. I’m one of them.  Don’t think that your beau ideal is the absolute one!

  17. crack1975 says:

    I´m so sorry but I can´t be more dissagree.
    I really like hairy women, as hairy as possible. I have passion for it. You women shouln´t save at all.
    Hairy lover!!!

  18. boy says:

    female hair armpit is so sexy, it can increase the delicious smell of women, i like it.

  19. Gunnar says:

    Stop judging what’s “gross” or “beautyfull” based on your personal opinions.
    There is absolutely NOTHING wrong with hairy armpits. Actually, even in this media-driven neurotic society we live in, there are still lots of men that just LOVE natural women. I’m one of them.
    Oh, and nothing is gross as razor rash, specially in the genital area. Ew. Soft natural hair, that is the way.

  20. AsianGuy says:

    You know what’s disgusting? Shaving yourself down to look like an eight year old. It’s hair and it’s natural. Sometimes unsightly but don’t judge.

  21. missjojo says:

    if you get boring shaving your armpit the answer is laser

  22. Lover Of Real Women says:

    And just why is it “gross,” exactly? No, really! Why?!?

    Get this “cultural” thing outta yer stupid head already.  For Asian women, or any other women any other place in the world who don’t care to shave, it’s simply because they are not afraid to be real women.  Simple as that.  Unlike those docile American women who have been brainwashed for an entire generation by the likes of Mr. Gilette and his croonies w/their marketing ploy, plus an entire new crop of brainewashed pedophile pervs who grew up believing in this marketing tactic, REAL women on this planet will only smirk and slap you silly if you decide to ask them to shave–any part of their body, or keep a slim figure.  If it’s so “gross” like they say, why don’t the men of these United States shave their own stinkin’ bodyhair first–for their own women?!?  Huh, why not, really?  It’s just as “gross”–and even more stinkin’ at the same time.  Why do you think there was a need for a Women’s Lib movement in this country–and nowhere else in Asia, in particular?

    American women: Grow up and stop being afraid to be real!  And stop making them pedophiles in business suits rich already.  Enough brainwashing!  You were doing just fine in the 60s and before then.  Be who you are, and stay real!

  23. Open Minded and Fair says:

    It’s all just opinions. Personally, I don’t like looking at a man’s hairy armpit, but I am not going to push my feelings onto those who are fine witih it.

    I like or dislike hairy armpits on women depending on a case by case basis. Sometimes it has an attractive texture and shape. Other times it looks too masculine to me.

    If you don’t like hair on women, why attempt to deprive those men and women who appreciate it? You have a vast majority of hairless or shaved women to choose from. Leave the hairy females alone!

  24. whitetards says:

    white girls are fat though

  25. whitetards says:

    stereotype ^^

  26. Joe says:


  27. Dryman says:

    come on guys,nothin wrong with the hair. dont listen to them girls. everyone has different opinions,. do whatever you want. its your life,its your world. enjoy it honey..!

  28. shaan says:

    ya i love smell of hairy armpit girl.

  29. Casey says:

    I don’t really care much whether a woman shaves her armpits or not-it’s her choice.  The only thing disgusting to me is if they are not clean-and body hair has nothing to do with cleanliness.

  30. TokyoLazyDude says:

    Good Lord, you photoshopped armpit hairs in a Momoe Yamaguchi picture (1st one.) She’s one of the most iconic pop figures of the last century in Japan.

  31. dave says:

    Good to see some celebs are not ashamed to show armpit hair.  It is completely natural and I trust their example will be followed by all women. Body hair was put there for a purpose and should not be interfered with.  Let it grow ladies and be pleased to show you are a woman and not a little girl.

  32. Drew says:

    I love them, please post some more hairy girls:)

  33. James says:

    Hairy women are very sexy, the pheromones are incredible

  34. Billy says:

    I think hairy armpit girl is nice..i like it..i like to kiss armpit girl that have hairy it is nice

  35. Love Doctor. says:

    Women with hairy armpits are very sexy. I love women who proudly show themselfs and are not affraid to show their natural hairy armpits. And the pubic bush. Nothing sexier than large thick bush. Women should look like women and not little girl.

  36. ada says:

    i am asian and i use wax for my armpits, genital and legs. Therefore i dont grow much hair and i never shave. Wax is better i think.

  37. Steve says:

    Armpit hair is natural and sexy. The media/fashion idiots have conditioned many against it, but most of the world does not drink that kool-aid. Stop being a media idiot and relax. Nature has medical reasons for it. Look it up and pull your head out of your —.

  38. faran sawt says:

    i love women armpit hairs and i really love hairs of women on their body parts

  39. paijo says:

    i love wheen see girl with hairy armpit. they are so natural and sexy. i dont know why but i meant that true

  40. sushant says:

    i like hairy,n i love or feeling very sexy when i see hairy ander arms ladis,

  41. dom says:

    What about depilatory cream? This works well for two generations of women in our house, when it is necessary to sans the hair for some occasion or fashion selection. The practice is purely a remnant of classical Asian beauty alone, Some Asian women retain this practice, and it is lovely.  As for the Caucasian culture of course it teaches the tradition to remove. Finally, a comment above, posted by @ Joe, is offensive and the comment proves his complete, utter absence of class at all.

  42. ron says:

    i remember watching ncis and tony likes the park ranger till he sees her hairy legs and arm pits, why because we are conditioned this way yet women are expected to accept men as they are with or without hair its never generally gross. i believe its a western culture thing. i find a little well kept hair sexy

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