Toilets Cleaner Than Make Up Sponges

Dirty Make Up

If you are still using your make-up powder sponge from last year, you should consider of buying a new sponge. Recent studies has showed that sponge that has been over used are filled with bacterias from the over time use. Also, did you know that your sponge contains more bacteria than a public toilet? Every time you apply powder to your face, the sponge are filled with bacteria from your face, and overtime use is just going to make your skin worse. As for me, I buy a package of sponges and each time I use to apply powder on my face, I would throw it away right after. Another good tip is that should wash your makeup sponges gently with antibacterial hand soap and water after each use or after several use, and let it dry! If your sponges are looking old and tattered, should just throw it away and get a new one! That way it keeps your skin nice and clean! So get your act together and start buying new sponges!

Nice Clean Foundation Sponge

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