Say No To Eye Infection

Bobbi Brown Eye Make Up Remover

It is not healthy to leave your make up on when you are sleeping. If you do not completely remove it well, it can attract dirt, clog pores, cause break out, sometimes an eye infection too. As for me, I always remove it well before I get a good night sleep. It is important how you remove your eye-make up. I bought the eye make up remover from Bobbi Brown, I thought it removed my eye make up really well. This remover is for all skin type , it removes make up from the eye area without any oily residue. After removing, I feel clean, and refreshed. I’d wash my face with my facial cleanser again to prevent any break out.

4 Responsesto “Say No To Eye Infection”

  1. nickwei says:

    No comment

  2. nickwei says:


  3. sway says:

    you know you wake up with black shit in your eyes??
    those eye make-up you didn’t remove completely..?
    those things get your eyes infected~
    i had like… 4 stys in 1 eye coz of that…
    it was like a sty circle around my eye…

  4. yewon says:

    looks so fancy for anti-eyeinfection product. I thought it would look smth madichine-ish haha

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