Start Buying New Make-Ups

How old is your makeup? How long have you had that Mascara, and eyeshadow for? Is the concealer over 2 years old? Before applying makeup smell it and you will know its contaminated with bacteria when it gives off an unusual smell. If you are in the habit of using old make-up, then it’s really time for you to break that habit. This is because old makeup could be harboring dangerous bacteria, and the use of such products could lead to skin problems such as little red bumps that looks like acne. Makeup products don’t come with expiration dates, so it is best for eye make-ups and liquid foundation are to be thrown away after three months. This is the same with powders and foundations that have been used more than a year ago. Remember that your make-up should be replaced on regular basis. Yes, after reading this you should clean out your old make-up and time to shop for new products!

Old Make up Product

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