The Big Bang on Zac Efron

The Big Bang on Zac Efron

hair cut trendy men

Many women have side bangs because it slims our face and having it changes the whole hair itself. Not only women who get to benefit from the face slimming feature of bangs and men today are beginning to see the potential in this trendy style too. I’m not sure if this suits all men, but I don’t like men with side bangs. In my opinion, I think it looks too girly. I like the ordinary, short, spiked gelled up hair on men which looks more appropriate to me!

Zac Efron with side swept bangs:

bangs on men

Zac Efron With no bangs:

no bangs zac efron

Do you think Zac Efron Looks Good with Side Swept Bangs?

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84 Responsesto “The Big Bang on Zac Efron”

  1. ALOFA#7 says:

    talofa o lou i goa o alofa po poima e faapuupuu o lou inoa o ima……
    o au e nofo i am.samoa i nuuuli…
    pe e le malamalama oe nae te tano e translate atu ia oe…..

    hi my name is alofa or poima well 4 short is ima
    many of my friends are crazy about u n0w…
    if u dont know where i live i live in am.samoa in nuuuli…
    by the way ur hair without the bangs looks cool…
    so if u want to see my real picture then u have to check ur bebo o myspace if u have a one…
    so i’m not the kindof person who likes cute boys…
    every time when they stare @ mii it doesn’t feel right 4 mii…Many of my friends thinks that i look good in bangs so wen i first saw it it looks different .. So wen boys saw my hair they always stare @ me  so Itold myself y do i hav3 t cut my hair 4…SO YEAH ITS GETTING LATE HERE C YAH… IN SAMOA TOFA SEI FUA 4 SHORT IS TOFA …BYE….


  2. purple_frost says:

    you know what zac-fans? he ruined his name by exposing his yucky ears.. yuck. i am so so sorry for his fans. he’s just not clean as ian somerhalder does..and please for the people who thinks that ian and zac look alike-STOP..

  3. walaa says:

    zac  u  r amazing  by  voice and  look

  4. people will always look down there noses at u because u got something that they don’t have witch is” pride” in your self,so what ever u do in life always have pride in your self.

  5. danish says:

    Hey, Zac you are really cool dude..
    I am you’r biggggeesstt fan…
    lets chill..

  6. yazmin says:

    te amo zac efron

  7. Vanessa says:

    cuki vagy nagyon és szeretlek vigyáz magadra

  8. lucie says:

    moje laska no tak ruce pryc od neho hahha

  9. aldy says:

    estas re bueno! te amoooooooooooooooo

  10. Kati says:

    hes so HOT!!!!!!hes been in so many movies!hes an idol for alot of people!!but not me my idol is criss angel!!!!!

  11. vini says:

    hi zac my name clara
    i like your style
    n your face
    ya i can say you hand some

  12. hayat says:


  13. roven says:

    i love uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu
    dnt mind othersssssssssssssssssss
    love uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

  14. sakthiganesh says:

    Hai zac , i like your hair style.
    It is really amazing…………..

  15. luma says:

    meu nome é luma zack  eu te amo queria poder namorar com vc.

  16. karyn says:

    oi Zacc te amo sou sua maior fÃ!!!!!!!!

  17. izabela says:

    i lovee you zac efron..
    iss 4ever in my heart..♥♥♥

  18. krizzia says:

    I Love your movies

  19. evelin says:

    no estas divinino papito hermoso te amo

  20. evelin says:

    estas divinino papito hermoso te amo

  21. tamara says:

    Cada dia que passa o zac fica cada vez mais lindooo…
    Mas ele deve se cuidar bem para não perder para uns outros famosinhos q nem chega aos seus pés.
     vc é show!

  22. Cristian says:

    who’s that guy way at the top? I ABSOLUTELY LOVE HIS HAIR!

  23. Lulu says:

    Hey zac my name is lulu I’m I. Yr 5! U r my idol I really want to meet u!!! :?)
    I think ur hair looks way better with no bangs cuz u can c ur pretty dreamy eyes
    Keep up the good work and keep on trying hard BYE 

  24. diana la hilton says:

    tazzz komo keresss te parezeesss a mi wovio k nunka pyenzooo djar xk ze pareze a ti att la wera parizz hilton

  25. kc says:

    i love you zac

  26. catherin says:

    hola me gustaria conocerte ese mi gran sueños en maracay aragua quiero que trabaje como red en la fundacion regional el niños simon aragua tu admirador aragua 1 numero soy maracay

  27. karen de efron says:

    love you zac efron te amo te adoro 

  28. srara says:

    vc e lindo zac efron

  29. sandra says:

    i dont think u r so cute but u r ok….HAPPY xmas and new YEAR in advance

  30. Emily says:

    i LUV zack efron his eyes are blue like the sky or the ocean i luv him from the bottom of my heart as well as i love Leonrdo dicaprio <3 <3 <3 love you both and i also love zack efron’s hair eyes and mainly body hmmm… a luved 2 kiss him on his lovely lips yumm i once had a dream about him that i and zack were kissin in the rain in parris in fron of the ajfel tower <3 <3 love you zack and when i grow up i will name my son zack  <3 <£ :**

  31. qusai ayasrah says:

    l love you

  32. Maya Henderson says:

    Zac we are meant for each other!!!!!!!!!!

  33. Juliet Ogieriakhi says:

    Would love to meet you and see you because i really do love your acting

  34. maky says:

    i love your music and you can i marry you please lpease please!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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