Sick Of My Hair

I am sick of my current hair style its just boring, and I swear I need to do something about it as soon as possible. I need a change, a fresh new look! What should I do with my hair? Should I cut it real short? Curl my hair? Dye my hair? Ugh! I’m frustrated, I don’t know whats going to look best on me.

I was browsing on the internet saw a before and after photo of Christina Ricci showing off in a light brunette bob after years of jet-black blogs. I really like her short, sexy new hair style. But I’m not sure if this hair would look good on me? But it does look gorgeous on her!

Christina Ricci

2 Responsesto “Sick Of My Hair”

  1. Sexy says:

    sick of my hair too

  2. Kate says:

    just got mine cut into an inverted bob and i love it! best style ever!

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