International Ladies Underwear Survey

Pink Underwear Hot Asian Girl in Pink

Ever wonder why so many girls like shopping for underwear so much? Here, let me explain the why we do, and whats this little secret behind it.

Whether it is colorful or black, lace or silk, girls will probably like shopping for underwear. I tend to go for the style, and bright colors… like the color pink! So I decided to do a quick survey on behalf of Asian girls VS. Caucasians, and found out that Asian girl’s don’t shop for underwear as much as Caucasians. (Just remember this may not be accurate. I only asked 30 people in total. which means 15 on each side.)

“I like to seduce my boyfriend by wearing sexy lace underwear from Victoria Secret.” – Quotes a Caucasian. 9 out of 15 women answers that they shop for underwear because of their mates. 2 ladies says they go shopping for underwear only when they need to. The rest of the 4 women don’t shop for underwear at all.

Now, on the Asian girls side 10 out of 15 women do not shop for underwear. 2 ladies from Japan shops for underwear to look sexy for their boyfriends. The remaining 3 only go shopping for underwear when they need to.

So, I went back asking the 10 Asian girls that don’t shop for underwear if they have a boyfriend. The answer came out to be 8 out of 10 women are single. Which clearly shows that when women are in love, shopping for underwear is a must! What about you guys, do you like shopping for underwear? Check out some new Christmas, sexy underwear at!

Red Asian Underwear

6 Responsesto “International Ladies Underwear Survey”

  1. matt says:

    sexy picture on the bottom of this page

  2. Sexxy Girlss says:

    how about you go to HotBangz . Com and watch such things there lol

  3. satrap says:

    great post. i just cant get my head around the idea of not taking this oppertunities to get what you want online.

  4. Izzy says:

    I like all of these

  5. I have a quick question about Asian women. I recently was offered a job that would require me to relocate to Japan. I’m wondering what the women are like in that part of the world. Are they friendly, and is the language barrier going to be a problem? And does anyone, by any chance, have any dating tips that will help me meet Asian women there?

  6. asian women are petite and most of them are mild mannered compared to western women*;’

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