Sexy Japanese Girl’s Summer Wear

Sexy Japanese Girl’s Summer Wear

What’s your new fashion for this summer? Have you thought of going to the beach for a nice, relaxing vacation? Are you wondering what the sexy summer wear for year? First, lets check out with the Japanese girls are wearing for this summer:

japanese girl fashion sexy

Black or white t-shirt, with mini shorts and knee length socks. What do you think of this summer wear?

colorful fashion

Who wears it better? This is just way too colorful. But most Asians loves colorful clothing.

sexy dresses

what about this dress for the beach? Which dress do you like better?

japanese short dress

Another colorful fashion. Pink heels or yellow heels?

hot asain babes

Bright colorful overalls for this summer? You decide!

6 Responsesto “Sexy Japanese Girl’s Summer Wear”

  1. mai says:

    i like the colorful fashion. i always like to wear some kind like this. I want the pink shoes.Judy, Do you have ?

    PS. I have just already emailed you for the black shoes. But no response yet. Please check for me.

    Don’t forget to discount for me! hehe.
    Oh, i also need to talk to you on phone. Where are you now?

    Mai Mai

  2. ejaculat says:

    omgosh the heels with the little shorts made me nut :D

  3. LOG1Kpi says:

    Damn Asian girls are HOT! (mostly cute, but hot too.)

  4. LOG1Kpi says:

    And yeah, they tend to have a good taste in fashion and style. =)

  5. melibee says:

    were can i buy these close

  6. Dominik says:

    I don’t know exactly what I like at japanese girls and style, but I think they have an excelent taste for style an sexyness..

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