Vertical or Horizontal Stripes Clothing

Vertical or Horizontal Stripes Clothing

There is this rule where curvy girls should stick to up and down stripes, which elongate the figure, and shun “widening” side to side stripes.

Peter Thompson, an expert in perception in York University’s psychology department asked people to compare more than 200 pairs of pictures of women wearing horizontally and vertically striped dresses, then he asked them to vote for which of the two looked fatter.

Surprisingly, his experiment showed that when the two women were the same size, the one wearing the horizontally striped dress looked thinner than the vertical.

Dr Thompson says: “Horizontal stripes don’t make you look fat. If anything, they make you look thinner.”


However, My feeling is still the same. I still believe that horizontal stripes clothing will make you look fatter and vertical stripes clothing makes you look thinner.  Here are some pictures of vertical and horizontal stripes clothing, and you decide which stripes makes you look fatter?!

Horizontal Stripes















cameron-diiaz -miichelle-williams

Vertical Stripes












Vertical or Horizontal Stripes Swim Suit?


Which stripes makes you look fat?

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8 Responsesto “Vertical or Horizontal Stripes Clothing”

  1. Peter says:

    what a stupid set of pictures to compare! They are not in the same pose and have been squashed beyond all belief!

  2. charlie says:

    none of these make them look fat. being fat makes them look fat.

  3. Patti Howlett says:

    I think that Vertical Stripes makes you look smaller…the last dress with the horizontal top and vertical bottom proves this fact…I would like to see more clothes with Vertical patterns instead of horiziontal…you can pose a person anyway you want but the truth is in the eyes of the beholder…I believe what I see….also, maybe smaller stripes would be good…I’ll take the Vertical anytime…Thanks, Miss Howlett

  4. Ann says:

    Actually, I believe horizontal stripes accentuate good healthy curves. They show a trim waistline and create volumes in areas of bust and hips which are very feminine.
    I don’t think horizontal stripes make one look fat or overweight. I think that those who have fat rolls/are overweight should stay away from tight fitting horizontal stripes. They can wear them, but should not wear them too close to their body, otherwise the extra weight is made obvious.

    I like horizontal striped shirt/trousers because at the right size they skim around your body to reveal the figure. Vertical stripes do the same job as well, but the eye is drawn to the height this time. It is a nice contrast depending whether you have a high waist/long legs like I do or long torso/short legs. Stripes create harmony in any case, when worn properly…

  5. The Duuuuude says:

    What a complete Tosser. Some people shouldn’t be allowed near a computer. The pictures are ridiculous and to think you looked at them and thought ‘Yes they are fine to put up’. Idiot. 

  6. Chris Kittle says:

    designers and manufacturers are missing the boat!  Consumers should have the option to go vertical and there’s little to no availability in today’s stores.  Horizontal has become the standard and it’s boring!

  7. Suckish says:

    They show fat girls for horizontal stripes! All the legs and arms look fat! It’s not from the stripes because where they are actually wearing stripes, they look skinnier!

  8. Holly says:

    Is this a joke? What terrible pictures to compare. The reason vertical stripes make you look slimmer is because your eyes read up and down because there are so many lines. It depends on how many stripes there are.

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