What do Men Think of Girls in Mini Skirts?

What do Men Think of Girls in Mini Skirts?

Taiwanese Sexy Girl Mini Skirt

When did girls start wearing short mini skirts? I’m guessing it all started with Britney spears and Paris Hilton showing off their panties off to the world. And many girls wants to as popular as the Hollywood celebrities, so there mini skirts are worn by most girls now.

Well, actually thats part of it…it also started out in the 1966 by Mary Quant who was producing short waist skimming mini dresses and skirts that were set 6 or 6 inches above the knee. It wouldn’t be right to suggest she invented the fashion mini skirt. However, in 1965 she took the idea from 1964 designs by Courreges and liking the shorter styles she made them even shorter for her boutique Bazaar.

Too Short Skirt

Now, mini skirts are worn because girls wants to get attention. Also I think because men provoke girls to do so. I think it’s perfectly fine for girls to wear mini skirts, but the question is “How to wear a mini skirt?”

1. Before you purchase your mini, decide on the right length. Your skirt should fall right below the thickest part of your leg. Never wear a skirt that is short enough that it shows your backside while you are standing up (I’ve actually seen that) or slightly bending over.

2. When to wear your mini skirt? Choose the appropriate time and place to wear.

3. Is your mini-skirt too small and tight on you? Your skirt should not be indecently short.

Now, lets hear what the men have to say:

“They are very sexy and an easy way to gain attention. If worn right you can look very attractive. If worn wrong you can look really whorish. I prefer my girlfriend in something a little more sophisticated.”

“it’s a case by case thang of course – but ain’t nothin wrong with lettin it come out and BREATHE”

“They should wear it more often, it looks good!”

“Only sluts wear mini skirts…”

Asian Girls Mini Skirts

60 Responsesto “What do Men Think of Girls in Mini Skirts?”

  1. Giuli says:

    Yo tengo 16 años, soy alta, en mi escuela uso una pollera escocesa con cinco o cuatro dedos sobre la rodilla, y mis compañeros me dicen que tengo la pollera muy corta, mientras que hay otras en mi curso que las usan como vincha y a ellas no les dicen nada, qué onda?, los chicos que me lo dijeron me dijeron que la pollera me tenía que llegar hasta la rodilla o sino por debajo, no entiendo que les pasa yo soy la única chica de mi curso que la usa larga y los chicos quieren que la use aun más larga, esos mismos chicos que me dijeron que la usara más larga tienen novias que comúnmente las usan muchísimo más cortas que yo y no solo en la escuela las usan así, por qué en vez de querer decidir lo que yo uso, no se preocupan por lo que usan ellas?  

  2. Reid says:

    I prefer my fiance to wear miniskirt even at the age of 56 – she is hot and i prefer the slut look allot more

  3. Reid says:

    i prefer the mini skirt slut look all the time

  4. superscorer2003 says:

    I think they are great and the shorter the better!

  5. Sat says:

    ladkiya mini skirts isliye pehanti h taki ladke unhe ghodi ya kutiya banakar chod sake

  6. ForbiddenRose98 says:

    all you men are all the fucking same. you all think that girls are your little play toys and if we wear something which turns you on, we’re good. get a life and stop looking at short skirts. you may prefer the SLUT look but maybe your girls don’t. you’re all pricks who probably don’t have girlfriends so you look at girls in short skirts and dresses

  7. tiger905 says:


  8. slycat1 says:

    well i thank skirts r fine my wife likes them when she is with me . and i love it .i thake she is hot. not the mini skirt she only puts one on if she is with me .and no i dont got to ask her to put it on she likes to show her man what she has .AND SHE HAS IT TOO.

  9. M says:

    I think mini skirts are fabulous. If the girl or boy has nice legs then why not. Great in summer when it’s hot. Minis can be stylish, sexy, provocative, stimulating, fun, practical and joyful. Many girls wear them too short and spend too much time either pulling them down or accusing boys or girls of looking up them. Surely if they feel  like this easy thing is not to wear them. It’s great to see a nice panty under as minis will show them off. Shame indonesia has classifified them as pornographic and made them illegal. One of the best items of clothing ever invented. prehaps its time for men to start to wear them as girls have the best of fashion. I love mini skirts and wear them as a man As often as I can. A person with a god figure should have a collection of minis, both skirts and dresses. Ever seen addicted to love by Robert palmer, his girls were incredible. Hubba bubba. 

  10. girlPRIDE says:

    I better wrap up myself outside and wear shorts skirts only infront of my soon to be hubby!

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