Fashion Victims- Anorexic Models

Fashion Victims- Anorexic Models

anorexic model

Many teenage girls want to look pretty and thin like the top models on TV. In order to look like the super models, they believe that they would be happier and more successful if they were thin like the models in the front cover page of a magazine. Girls start to starve themselves, and avoid high-calorie foods and exercise constantly. And some people eat huge amounts of food, but they throw up soon after eating, which is what we call bulimia. Some may even take laxatives or diuretics (water pills) to keep from gaining weight. By using such cruel and unhealthy methods to loose weight is very harmful to your body.

skinny models

What You Need To Know About Anorexic Nervosa?

  • Anorexia nervosa’ means ‘loss of appetite for nervous reasons
  • Involves excessive dieting and weight loss
  • Obsessed with being thin.
  • Believe they are fat even though they are thin.
  • Anorexia nervosa occurs in 1% to 5% of the population.
  • About 90% to 95% are females between ages 13 and 30. However, anorexia nervosa can also occur in males and people of all ages.

Famous People Died of Anorexia

FASHION-BRITAIN-PPQAna Carolina Reston: Brazilian model, who was 172cm tall and only weighed 40kg starved herself to death in 2006.

Margaux Hemingway

Margaux Hemingway: actress, model, suffered with bulimia

Heidi Guenthe

Heidi Guenthe: A ballet dancer, After being told by a theater company that at 5’5″ in height and 96 lbs in weight she was too chunky, she developed an eating disorder. She collapsed and died at the age of 22 due to complications from her eating disorder.

Maiara Galvao Vieira

Maiara Galvao Vieira: A 14 year-old who weighed only 38kg was in the hospital for over a month, after having been in three other public hospitals and no one being able to diagnose te disease.

Eliana Ramos

Eliana Ramos: having only to eat apples and tomatoes died at age of 21. Her grandmother found her dead in her bedroom.

skinny model

Luisel Ramos: She was reported to have only lettuce leaves and diet coke three months before her death. She died of heart failure caused by anorexia nervosa.

Ways to stay slim and healthy


  • Exercise Daily: this is the best way to stay thin. Exercise for about 15-30mins a day, doing any exercise that you enjoy most. Walking, jogging, yoga, swimming…etc.
  • Always eat breakfast: Experts say that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Skipping breakfast will eventually add extra calories to your body as you will end up binge eating more in the middle of the day.
  • Switch to brown bread or whole wheat bread instead of white bread
  • Start your lunch or dinner with a bowl of low calorie soup. So that you will not overeat later
  • Avoid eating in front of television. You tend to eat more without your knowledge
  • Reduce the intake of white food stuffs from your diet such as rice, sugar and salt
  • Drink plenty of water. Drinking eight glasses of water is said to be healthy
  • Instead of two large meals start eating three small meals a day

Anorex Fashion Models Health

21 Responsesto “Fashion Victims- Anorexic Models”

  1. diego says:

    I don’t know what is wrong with this people.

  2. my girlfriend gas an eating disorder called bulimia, she always throws up what she eats.-.-

  3. i have a friend who has eating disorder, she was rehabilitated when she almost died.,’,

  4. Laurana says:

    You write about women who died of anorexia then you list weight loss tips. Kind of sick, don’t you think? What’s next, cigarette ads in an article about lung cancer?

  5. DAVID NORRIS says:


  6. Jael says:

    I think they listed those weight lss tips so that people reading this would understand the healthy ways of loosing weight. Well, of course, that’s just my opinion.

  7. Humps-Freely says:

    There’s A Healthy Way To Lose Weight, And Then There’s What Those Models Did, It May Sound Sick To List Weight Lose Tips Here, But Women Need To Be Informed To What Practices Are Healthy And What Weights Are Healthy.
    So, It May Appear Sick, But Think About It, If Someone Didn’t Know What Was Healthy, How Would They Get Any Better?

  8. Dany says:

    I actually think those people are out of their mind. I knew people that were fat but lost weight in a healthy way and they still ate. You don’t need to starve yourself.

  9. bob marley says:

    u make me sick

  10. bob marley says:


  11. nikita says:

    i have had anorexia nervosa.. it took me a year to come over it but i did came over it and now i am back to full weight and fully healthy again.

    ladies with the disorder… think again befor you kill youreself

  12. Rach says:

    It is time we start celebrating the beauty in all shapes and sizes. If you are healthy and happy to hell with what the fashion world thinks….

  13. Boogs McB says:

    I think even with anorexia some of these ladies are STILL fat. They should start doing coke and or meth.

  14. kay says:

    I used to not eat, but my parents helped me. Now i’m on a diet of fruits, veggies, low calorie meat like tuna (dolphin safe of course) and running as much as i can.
    i have to do a research paper on anorexia nervosa for my sports medicine class.
    When i did soccer i used to run and train, there never was much time for eating except for the occasional snack here and there and lots of water. I went from a size 15 to a size 5 in skinny jeans in two weeks. i thought that was normal and i kept losing weight, eventually i didn’t eat much at all because sleeping, soccer, school and homework took up my time to eat except lunch, but i didn’t want to risk gaining the weight i had lost by eating anything. i stuck to my water.
    Eventually soccer season ended and i ended up in the hospital with a tumor on my ovarie. and they fed me through an IV. I was 150 before soccer and after the two weeks i weighed in at 110.
    Is it possible that i had anorexia nervosa? 

  15. anna says:

    kinda odd how the literal translation is a loss of appetite since loss of appetite is rare. those girls really are hungry but resist the urge to eat=/ id know

  16. DAMN! says:

    Yeah but some people have problems to put on weight even if they eat like monster. It does not mean that they suffer from Anorexic!!!!!!!

  17. becky says:

    this is really sad,guys. i’ve been through this. i actually still am going through it,but i’m trying to stop. you have no idea what people who do this go through. we feel terrible and worthless and when we look at ourselves, we just see…a blob. if you know anyone with this please help them.

  18. Tammy says:


  19. Angry says:

    It is clear that some of the people who have commented have no idea what Anorexia is like nor do they realize that their comments are horribly offensive.
    I have Anorexia, and I am considered a “normal” weight. Yes people with Anorexia starve themselves, but for me it is a lack of appetite. Sometimes I don’t even remember to eat until my blood sugar drops very low and I have to seek food. I’m not simply choosing not to eat. After seven years, your body blocks out the feeling of hunger because it is in starvation mode.
    For the person who said the people are still fat even though they’re anorexic and they should just do drugs. You clearly are a worthless human being but also a lot of times people with anorexia do resort to drugs to mask their feelings about food.
    For those of you who said you do not understand people with Anorexia. No sh*t, you don’t have the disease. Be grateful you can go out and eat hamburgers with friends and laugh and be happy about food and don’t judge those who have a real problem.
    If you’re wondering I am seeing an eating disorder therapist and a nutritionist to make sure that I am eating the right foods I need in order to be health.
    There really needed to be a different opinion in these comments. Glad I could be the one to voice it.

  20. tifanny says:

    i have been eating as much as i can ())ikei but  im 17 and 40 (g.. i eat likke two plates of ffood and no matter what i still weigh 40(kg) n that really is a concern

  21. Maya says:

    I think some of the photos are not actually their photos like Luisel and Ana Carolina

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