The Butt Crack is the New Cleavage

The Butt Crack is the New Cleavage

Have you ever walked down the street and thought to yourself “Wow, I’ve seen a lot of butt crack today” If not, then keep an eye out for the moon when out and about. More and more girls are busting out the plumber’s crack to show off their thin waste lines and sexy thongs. I think for some girls they let their butt crack show on purpose though. What do you think-is this a sexy sneak peek or a nasty no-no?

Here, a girl who is caught with her whale tail showing while trying on her new sneakers.  Is this sexy?

girl's butt crack

This girl below doesn’t realize that her crack is showing while she enjoys her meal. Sexy or nasty no-no?!

white girl butt crack

A close up butt crack. What do you think? is this a sexy sneak peek or a nasty no-no?

close up ass crack

While the mom checks on her baby, she doesn’t realize her butt crack is showing…or maybe she’s just doing it on purpose?

hot girls ass crack

Do you think butt cracks are sexy?

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63 Responsesto “The Butt Crack is the New Cleavage”

  1. Danielle says:

    Me too guys!! I absolutely love showing my buttcrack!! I am a teenage girl. I show my crack wherever I am: at home, at school, with friends. I usually show about 2-3 inches and some panties! I’ve got a few stories that I want to share with all of you:

    The first one was at a New Year’s Eve party. A couple of my friends had come over and we were just hanging out on the sofa. My brother came in with some of his friends and started to fight with me. As we were fighting and rolling around on the floor, my jeans started to slip further and further down my butt, until about 4 inches of my buttcrack was showing! After I’d beaten my brother, one of my friends pointed out that my buttcrack was showing. I just said, “So what?” and didn’t bother pulling my jeans up or my top down! All of my brother’s mates were staring at my crack and I really liked the attention! In fact, I even ended up making out with a really hot one later that night, and he kept on looking at my buttcrack and I kept on showing it off to him and he loved it!!!

  2. will says:

    carley, please send me pictures of you!!!

  3. Melanie says:

    Wow Beth! When you show off yours, do you go with thongs sometimes? Or do you not like them that much? If you don’t like them then do you like boyshorts by chance?

  4. Melanie says:

    That’s cute Danielle! (: I bet you loved making out with him hehe! It doesn’t sound like you had any panties on that day! What do you usually like? By the way, were your jeans lowrise that day or just normal? Reply when you can <33

  5. Melanie says:

    Oh yeah! By the way Danielle, wanna text me & share more stories? I’ve got some for you if you want as well!

  6. Andrea says:

    last week at a party I showed my butt crack for the first time, a friend of mine has her crack showing every now and I know in the past when I have sat or bent down I have accidently shown some skin and even some underwear but latley I been thinking of letting my crack show. At the party I sat down I felt my shirt rise up and when no one was looking I reached back and pulled my pants down a bit and let about 2 inches of my butt crack show. And I got to say I def liked it and will do it again in the future

  7. Danielle says:

    Soz for the late reply Melanie! Yeah it was awesome!! We’re going out atm!! I don’t usually wear panties, but when I do I always wear thongs! Oh yeah the jeans were low rise! I hardly wear any other types of jeans :) My phone is broken ATM, so I don’t have texting :( sorry <3

  8. Kate says:

    Think exposing your butt crack is only for the young. Well I’m 58 and married and I absolutly love  letting my butt crack hang out. A lot of the times I don’t wear panties and at the same time wear clothes that really show my crack. I feel that showing my butt crack is very sexy and I really think it should stop being looked down upon it’s really not that bad of a thing at all. During one of my trips to the grocery store this really cute young guy started following me around the store. I would purposely bend and look at stuff on the bottom shelf in front of him and always make sure my butt crack would hang out. This guy was 20 years younger than me but he struck up a conversation and asked me out   That was three years ago and six months later we got married. true story, Anyone else have any stories to share?

  9. Jessica says:

    Heyy! I’m the same as Danielle I like to show my crack too! When I was in highschool 2 years ago I would show my butt in class when I was sitting sometimes, and when i’m out at the mall I show off alot too, boys love a good tease! Most of the time I show my thongs too cause that’s the only underwear I wear, but sometimes if i’m in really tight skinny jeans i’ll go commando hehe, I usually show about 3 inches of my butt, most of my lowrise skinny jeans show about an inch of my crack even when i’m standing sometimes too! If any of you boys wanna hear more stores let me know!! Or girls too, I have a little bit of a Bi side to me..

  10. Benjamin says:

    I`m an older gentleman who loves butt cleavage! There is an art therapy student intern(amanda)at the studio where i work.She is always showing her gorgeous pale white buttcrack,sitting,bending,or on all fours doing an art project.She doesnt seem to wear panties either.I have to confess to being really turned on by this sort of thing.She is kind of hyper and loud,but very nice,and everyone loves her.I`m convinced some women love to show their buttcrack,while others just may be naturally free-spirited and love to be unrestricted.

  11. Boggie Man says:

    I love the pants that show off the ass crack. Women don’t realize how pretty their ass cracks are. I love them

  12. Boggie Man says:

    I love the pants that show off the butt crack. Women don’t realize how pretty their butt cracks are. I love them.

  13. Mike says:

    I see a lot of girls commenting on loving there buttcrack a show! I love when a girl lets her buttcrack show n doesn’t care. I wish I could see more buttcracks. If any of the sexy girls that love to show there buttcracks and wanna talk more about it. You can text me or add me on Facebook! I would love to hear stories about your buttcracks showing

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