The Butt Crack is the New Cleavage

The Butt Crack is the New Cleavage

Have you ever walked down the street and thought to yourself “Wow, I’ve seen a lot of butt crack today” If not, then keep an eye out for the moon when out and about. More and more girls are busting out the plumber’s crack to show off their thin waste lines and sexy thongs. I think for some girls they let their butt crack show on purpose though. What do you think-is this a sexy sneak peek or a nasty no-no?

Here, a girl who is caught with her whale tail showing while trying on her new sneakers.  Is this sexy?

girl's butt crack

This girl below doesn’t realize that her crack is showing while she enjoys her meal. Sexy or nasty no-no?!

white girl butt crack

A close up butt crack. What do you think? is this a sexy sneak peek or a nasty no-no?

close up ass crack

While the mom checks on her baby, she doesn’t realize her butt crack is showing…or maybe she’s just doing it on purpose?

hot girls ass crack

Do you think butt cracks are sexy?

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63 Responsesto “The Butt Crack is the New Cleavage”

  1. rossi says:

    fuck yea, its god damn sexy..

  2. Tom Tom says:

    I’m a huge fan of female buttcrack. Not too much but a little peak is very sexy. Thongs don’t do anything for me.

  3. kurye says:

    Thank you very successful

  4. ayy says:

    very very s exy i love massive butt crack on chiks hot as

  5. amber says:

    oh man i love showing my buttcrack! when me and my friend go out we always show our buttcracks guys love it! i usually show my panties and maybe in inch or so of crack at the same time and my friend usually shows half her butt. we get approached by guys all the time and what’s funny is they never mention that our buttcracks are hanging out

  6. Ali says:

    I show my butt crack all the time everytime I shop I always bend down to look at something and show about 4-5 inches of my butt crack. It’s great I always hear whispers and catch people looking back at me from the corner of my eye

  7. yeaboi says:

    yea ass crack is fken hot bro

  8. jess says:

    There is nothing wrong with letting a little butt crack show every now and then. I’ll notice sometimes when i’m sitting that i’ll have a couple inches of butt crack hanging out. My butt is really  nice so I have no problem showing my crack off in  public

  9. Andy says:

    I love seeing a girl’s butt crack. I don’t think its tacky or nasty when a girl shows it. I’m a big fan of big butts, also.  When I see a girl with some crack showing, and especially if she is attractive, its hard for me not to look. I remember I saw it a lot in high school and in community college and a couple times in my church. A couple of my female friends will sometimes have their crack showing or their thong showing. And I’ve always kinda thought some girls do it on purpose. Guess, I was right.  I remember 2 months ago a good friend from church came over to hang out. She was talking to my sister and I was walking behind her and she was sitting at my dinning room table, and I saw a lot of her crack showing. lol It was hard for me not to look. So just kidding around, I got a penny and a quarter and threw it in her butt crack. She felt it and asked what it was and then laughed. I’ve known her for so long she was ok with it. I said I was just using a coin slot. lol

  10. Kim says:

    my butt crack shows all the time. my friends constantly tell me to pull up my pants but i don’t do it i just love how it feels. everytime a cute guy is around he always gets to see a good view of my butt crack! it’s not that bad and it shoulden’t be judged so harshley girls show there chest cleavage so why not show a little butt cleavage every now and then

  11. Sarah says:

    I love to show my buttcrack all the time. I usually show 2 to 3 inches of buttcrack when I sit and squat. I have a nice buttcrack so I don’t mind having it on display. When I go out to bars I always show my buttcrack and guys love it.

  12. laura says:

    i love to let my butt crack show too. i always have my butt crack showing when i go out to a bar or a club. as a matter of fact i was out on saturday and when i went to sit at the bar about 2 and a half inches of my butt crack was hanging out.

  13. Kyle says:

    Naughty Girls lol

  14. kris says:

    i think girls showing there butt crack is sexy i love to see that crack hanging out now if its too much i find that unatractive but showing some crack is hot

  15. jessica says:

    i show my buttcrack all the time! i went out the other night and i was showing about 2 inches of my buttcrack and 2 inches of my panties. the guys were loving it! it was great!

  16. amanda says:

    i love wearing low rise jeans that show part of my crack but my boyfriend gets so jealous when i wear them because his friends and random guys check out my ass. i cant deny that i like the attention which i would never tell him that but when we go swimming and i wear a bikini they ride up at times and everyone can see my crack.

  17. michelle says:

    I have the same issues with the way pants are made. my buttcrack shows all the time and most of the time I never even realize it. just the other day I was shopping with a friend and we went to the food court to eat something. when she came back from throwing out her garbage she pointed out that half of my buttcrack was hanging out of my pants that entire time… embarassing

  18. Mr. White says:

    Hey guys. its ok to see it sometimes but after a while I get tired of it. a nice peek at a thong or some panties or an inch of the crack is ok sometimes. I have decided to protect my eyes and watch my language. I am still young. i am 13. I feel sad for all u out there who love seeing and showing that stuff all the time. I will pray for u guys. check out marshillchurch!!! some people like me like to change the subject. so please stop reading this if u want to stay on subject… last chance… ok. what I like to do is talk to friends. I follow the Bible and will save sex till I get married. I strongly suggest u all become christians and follow the lord. if u have any questions email me at

  19. becky says:

    I love showing my buttcrack, I have it out all the time, I love the feel of it and have a bit of a fetish of showing my buttcrack I do it on purpose all the time and where ultra low rise jeans so it shows. Most of the time I will not wear any panties just so its just my buttcrack showing and I will also wear jeans that are a little to big round the waist so that they slip down my bum and more is on display, at times when im really in the mood im perfectly happy to have my whole bum showing I really like it and think its sexy I also like wearing mini skirts and not having any panties on I never really wear panties to be honest call me a slut if you want but I just like to let it all hang out I think it sexy and fun :) xxx

  20. kristen says:

    i also like to wear pants that expose my butt crack i also have friends that expose their butt cracks too and sometimes when we go out to bars there will be like 3 or 4 of us sitting at the bar with our butt cracks showing

  21. Johnathan Richards says:

    Wow… :P that makes me like it even more now i know some girls do it on purpose!! :P .. awesome xD

  22. kristy says:

    my butt crack shows all the time i also have friends that show there butt cracks too. last night i was out with 3 of my friends and when we sat down together we all had our butt cracks showing. i def feel more guys notice me when im showing my butt crack

  23. Xander Royal says:

    OMG this is just the most hilarious post ever. “Oh i love to show buttcrack” hahahahahahaha. wow. a LITTLE bit can be somewhat arousing, but too much is def. a turn off. im more into those two little dimples near the small of the back… buttcrack is overrated. lmao

  24. Louise says:

    I always show my buttcrack! I wear very low rise jeans with no panties nearly all the time. I tend to encourage guys to look at my crack. I normally show a little like 1 or 2 inches. If I’m out clubing I sometimes pull my jeans all the way down and moon to the guys. They really like it! So girls I encourag you to show your crack and especially when your swimming. I normally go swimming with my panties atleast half way down my butt. It’s the new fashion and everyone does it so every girl show your buttcrack.

  25. Alexa says:

    I like to show my crack too! Whether i’m squatting down while shopping, or eating at the food court I always make sure my butt crack is showing.

  26. K.C. says:

    Showing your butt crack is about as sexy as a tramp stamp. Women who respect themselves & their bodies are much more sexier than the chick, broad, etc. that lets it all hang out.

  27. K.C. says:

    Modest is Hottest!!!

  28. Carlee says:

    K.C. must be a total peter puffer

  29. Allison says:

    It’s not that bad K.C. but everyone has their opinion on showing their butt cracks, I don’t mind letting it show as a matter of fact I work at a sales stand in my mall, I sit the majority of my time and just about everyday a couple inches of my butt crack hang out. I see people giving me looks all the time and I often catch guys stareing.

  30. Carley says:

    I love to show my asscrack everyday!! I always make sure that I have at least 4 inches of my crack hanging out. I always wear super low rise jeans with extra low rise underwear so my crack will be on display when I squat, sit and bend down. Showing my buttcrack makes me feel so sexy and I always see guys looking. I plenty of pics of my crack on my computer so if any guys want to see it just let me know ;). I just love showing my crack!!

  31. mark says:

    show us some pics!!

  32. Michael A Krzykowski says:

    oh,  I agree  as a point of view… If you can see the cushion, the much easier the pushin’. 


  33. Melanie says:

    Me too Carley :) Everytime I go out to the mall or somewhere and see a cute guy, I’ll bend over and show about half of my butt and whatever thong or g-string I have on that day:) it gets so much attention and boys love it! i’m just a tease lol :D I usually wear a short shirt so that even if i’m just standing you can see my belly button and a little of my back, and of course my jeans are tight, but I let them come down a little so you can see the very top of my crack when you’re standing behind me, and of course my thong straps:) and I show off alot of cleavage too. I’m like this in school and out in public :) Anyway, do you have texting? Maybe we could talk more and become friends! :D

  34. David says:

    Hey Carley, I’m with u 100% its sooo damn sexy when gurls show their crack!! Its not as popular as leggings and stuff like tht in my area so its kinda rare, but its amazing when i see it haha, there was this one girl at the mall last week tht had her whole ass showin when she bent over in front of me, like damn lol. Anyway, you should totally send me soma those pics of urs;) im lookin forward to it!

  35. Carley says:

    Hey David I would love to send u some of my pics. Just give me ur email & I will send them. & @ Mark if u want pics just give me ur email. I do the same thing Melanie in school & in public. If u guys want u can follow me on tumblr. I will be posting pics of my buttcrack there. My tumblr name is I look forward to hearing from u!! Melanie I don’t have texting right now since I have to get a new phone since mine broke :( But if u are on tumblr we can talk on there. If u want u can also find me on where I share all my stories about showing my buttcrack. My username on there is sweetiepie87. If any of u have an experience project account we can chat more on there :)

  36. susan says:

    if i were u i would not do that! thats nothing but grossness


  37. Melanie says:

    Heyy Carley! I think I found you on EP if I put in your name right, You said we can talk on there right? (: My account name on there is Melanie 87, send me a message and we can talk more! I’m sure you have a bunch of stories about when you’ve shown off your sexy buttcrack! I’ve got a few myself (:

  38. Claudia says:

    Buttcrack showing is nice! I’m a girl who always show buttcrack. Now also! My jeans are nice to to show some sexy buttcrack to guys. My buttcrack is showing on school/house/friends, just always and everywere!

  39. mark says:

    Carly only see one pic right now…you putting up more??

  40. Carley says:

    I will put up more pics Mark when I get a chance. Hopefully I will get around to putting more up by tomorrow. Hope u enjoy them :)

  41. mark says:

    what is the most of your crack that you have had exposed??

  42. Jenn says:

    I love showing my butt crack too! everytime i’m out I always let it show. I even have some friends that show their cracks too

  43. Carley says:

    The most I showed was 4 inches of crack.

  44. katey says:

    my crack is showing literally all the time, i cant help it whatever pants i wear even with a belt it still hangs out, so i dont care anymore pople laugh, take photos and throw stuff in my crack and im known for my crack always showing at skool, theres pics and a group on facebook haha, boys like it though they think its cute and my boyfriends ass crack is always showing as well lol
    butt crack is so underrated its the hottest sexiets thang i swear, everyone show crack :)

  45. Mark says:

    do you have a link to the pics/facebook group?

  46. Melanie says:

    Same with me Katey, I usually wear tight skinny jeans with a sexy thong or g string and a short show belly shirt. Everytime I bend over at school or out in public somewhere about 4 inches of my butt starts showing along with whatever thong I had on. I sometime have on low cut shirts in the front so that I can show off alot of cleavage too. Boys like the tease and I see them looking all the time. I love showing off my sexy buttcrack and g strings:)

  47. Kyle says:

    If 4 inches of crack is showing when you bend over then isn’t your asshole exposed?

  48. Melanie says:

    Haha no Kyle not really for me because I have thongs and g-strings on alot too, so they’re showing some as well.

  49. Jason says:

    Oh wow, It sounds like you have fun Melanie. Do you have texting? I’d kind of like to talk to you more because you don’t come across many girls like you where i’m at..

  50. Beth says:

    I’m one of those girls who loves to have their butt crack showing; when I go to the shops and bend down and squat I always make sure that about 3 inches of crack is showing!
    I also had this mate, who once bent down so much that when she got up again her pants fell down AND she wasn’t wearing any knickers! So emmbarrising for her and so funny for everyone else….

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