Felix Baumgartner Jumps off Taipei 101

Felix Baumgartner Jumps off Taipei 101

Felix Baumgartner is a 38-year-old Austraian athlete. He had been preparing to jump off the Taipei 101 for three years. Before the day of his jump, he hid his parachute inside the ceiling in a toilet on the 91st floor. He also inspected the Taipei 101′s security system and its observation deck for five days, waiting for the right wind. “This is the world’s tallest building, so I am the happiest person in the world” He said to the camera. He successfully jumped off Taipei 101 and landed at a nearby park.

Felix Baumgarter Celebrity Look Alike

Felix Baumgartner YouTube Taipei 101 Jump Celebrity Look Alike

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  1. Stacey says:

    that is fuc*in crazy…

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