How to Stop Your Heels From Making Clicking Noises

How to Stop Your Heels From Making Clicking Noises

I’ve been thinking that I should stop wearing heels, because of the loud annoying clicking sound its making. But how I could possibly get rid of all my heels when I’m a shoe lover? However, when I do wear high heels I make sure I don’t make any of the annoying clicking sound!  Most women find the click-clacking sound sexy and it makes them feel superior so they tend to do it on purpose. It could also mean, the heels are cheap or you just don’t know how to walk in them.

Unless you really want the attention, then probably want to stop reading. But if you also feel annoyed by those clicking high heels, here are some few tips to stop your heels from making too much noise.



How to stop your heels from clicking?

Bring your heel to a shoe repair, have the shoemaker place a piece of rubber  on the bottom of your heels. It’s very thin and you won’t notice the difference. But trust me,  It will stop  making those irritating noises.

How to Walk in Your Heels?

How to walk in heels

How to walk in heels

1.      Make sure that your heels are fully on your feet. If they are not attached to your feet properly, it will become loose while you’re walking and that causes the loud clicking noises, and you could also lose your balance.

2.      While wearing high heel shoes, you should take shorter steps than usual, and as you bring each foot down have the heel touch the floor just slightly ahead of the ball of the foot. Keep your legs close together and walk slightly on your tiptoes.

Walking down the steps without making noises

Walking Down the Stairs in Heels

Walking Down the Stairs in Heels

It annoys me so much when I hear clacking heel noises. The past few weeks, the clacking noises from upstairs woke me up several times.  Follow these steps so that you don’t make any more annoying noises!

1.      Remember to always put your feet fully into your heels.

2.      Hold on to the railing or banister as you are walking down the stairs. Not only will it help you with your balance, it will prevent from making loud noises.

3.      Start to walk down the stairs, walking on the ball of your foot. This is the thick, flat part of your foot below your toes that you use when you are standing on tippy toes. Your heel should be slightly raised off of the stair itself.

4.      Take the stairs slow; don’t rush! Step down on one stair and wait a few seconds before you take the next step.

What do you think of High Heels that makes noises?

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35 Responsesto “How to Stop Your Heels From Making Clicking Noises”

  1. sabs says:

    are u kidding me? i like the sound. i dun think i do it on purpose. it just happens. and yes, i love the sound. ur odd

  2. tony says:

    i don’t like the sound too.

  3. Joy says:

    I like make my heels loud when I walk so they guys can see me in my short skirt.

  4. Rich says:

    I find it really annoying when girls heels clack, it is even more annoying when they are obviously doing it on purpose. Real style doesn’t need to shout.

  5. Judy says:

    i make sure mine doesn’t make any of that clacking sound

  6. david says: girlfriend always wears heels. And it fuckin annoys me when it CLACKS!!!!!!!!! i must show this to her

  7. whatev! says:

    when I was 16:: me and my parents when to go to the car dealership to buy a car I wanted. I remember wearing (“growen up”) high heels and walking into the place it echoed in the whole building!

    It was the first time I felt like I was growing up.

  8. Rich says:

    If anyone is interested in joining, I am forming a new coalition and a movement against heel clacking called B.A.C. (Boys Against Clacks) I find it very annoying.

  9. john says:

    mosy guys like me would turn and look if we hear that sound.It means theres a girl in high heels .
    I think the sound is sexy

  10. Pauline Elliot says:

    I love to click my heels and my boyfriend also like me to always get steel tips on my heels so the sound is even louder. I especially love the sound they make on tiled floors. It really makes me feel so seky

  11. Eric says:

    The sound is NOT sexy. It is obnoxious. I googled it because it is so very annoying and I came across this blog. Ladies, stop wearing high heels. They make you look silly (short? get over it) and the sound of the heels disrupts quiet. No one wants to hear you walk. You should be ashamed at the sound they make and how silly you look wanting to gain attention. Are you a zoo animal? Need to make noises to get attention?

  12. Debbie says:

    Just came across this site. I’ve been wearing steel tipped heels since the 80s and I love the sound they make especially on tiled floors. I think the comments on the previous post are in the minority as the sound of my heels clicking never ceases to turn heads. It gives me a very sexy feeling as I catch men drawn to my heels.

  13. Fiona says:

    I agree with the last post. I too have been wearing heels since the 80s and my husband finds the sound a real turn on. When I buy a new pair of heels I can’t wait to get them tipped with steel. I just love to click and clack my heels and I know the effect that sound has on men. You only have to see the heads turn as walk past them pounding your heels. I find heels between 3 and 4 inches make the loudest sound

  14. paras says:

    this sound is so annoying, i wonder why girls cant understand the mean of self respect, they behave as animal in zoo who make sound to attract the visitors and small children claps while animal make sound in zoo, my gf also make this sound, Oh My god, May god give her some brain and she learn to understand her own self respect.

  15. Marina Sisodajka says:

    very nice

  16. Kate says:

    First off, I want to learn how to make my step quiet cause I am a hard walker in my shoes no matter what. 2nd Paras learn to spell and be grammatically correct, it pained me to read your god awful sentence structure.
    Also just because a woman wears heels does not mean she has no self respect, if she wears stripper heels everywhere and dresses like a hooker then it is safe to assume so,you shouldn’t be with a girl like that unless your into that kinda thing.Personally I like the sound as well but only so much. Yes it gives me attention and I feel sexy and feminine that doesn’t make me a zoo animal.
    Eric I disagree greatly,the sound isn’t obnoxious, it depends on where you are if you are in the library and someone is trying to run in heels yea that’s obnoxious. Anyone wearing heels doesn’t have to be ashamed of anything,it doesn’t make a women look silly makes her look sexy and confident it’s what heels do. But you know what is obnoxious a man who thinks every woman should stop wearing heels cause it’s an irritating reminder that he’s a dork and can’t get a girlfriend all the girls just parade AROUND him. Quite your bitching and get over yourself troll go to a place where they where nothing but flats.
    You know what’s really annoying when people don’t pick up their feet and just shuffle UGH god! you can do that when your old, your young pick up your fuckin feet when you walk.

  17. Cristina says:

    Kate, I think you should take at look at your own sentence structure and grammar before calling other people out on theirs. I noticed quite a few mistakes in your post. Also, while I agree on some of your points, Eric and the others are entitled to their own opinions. If he finds it obnoxious, that is his opinion and right to find it so.

  18. Melissa says:

    Are woman so desperate for attention that not one responding to this post had the insight or self-awareness to realize that when people look because your heels are loud it is because you are disrupting them and they think you are rude?

    I know look because I am embarrassed that women like you are so ignorant and so desperate that when you come clacking along, I actually look up and “bless your heart”. If you’re not from the South, that translates to “God help the hopeless and self-absorbed”.

  19. Jina says:

    my boyfriend hates that claking sound, cause of the looking guys when they hear anything claking. but i loveeee heel, most sky heels. i have a very big “schuhtick” . so i don’t want to let my heels at home.
    that post is very helpfull. so i can wear my lovely heels and my boyfriend will love it too, without that claking ;) perfekt…

  20. Carlos says:

    My sister she does that a lot around the house it’s very annoying that all I hear when she comes inside. In my opinion women should wear them outside or going somewhere fancy other like wear them at schools, your own house, or u know common sense where think the noise won’t be annoying.

  21. Karl says:

    The sound is extremely annoying and distracting, and it astounds me that some women wrongly assume it makes them “sexier”. In fact, it causes men (and other women) to look up as they would in response to any loud, irritating sound, such as glass breaking, a horn honking, a drunk person shouting incoherently, or a fire alarm sounding.

    It is not only the fact that the sound is annoying and distracting – why do some women assume that merely because they have succeed in causing a man to look at them that they are automatically considered attractive or desirable? In most cases, the wearer of such shoes is an average-looking woman, and her average looks, combined with the thoughtfulness of her making loud, annoying sounds just causes men to rate her as even less attractive and interesting.

    I wonder what the response would be if someone carried a compressed air horn with them and blew it every two seconds when they were walking through their office or out in public. For some reason I don’t think it would be “I love the way it causes everyone to look at me, it makes me feel so sexy.”

    Stupid women.

  22. Steve says:

    I work in a science lab at an ivy league where we work hard to find answers to the most challenging questions facing us. I fail to comprehend why women in my lab have to wear high heels. It is so disturbing. These are usually the women who are struggling with their science. High heels are just a means to compensate for a deep-rooted deficiency. I will never date a girl who wears high heels to a science lab.

  23. Me says:

    I’m afraid manufacturers find that those of you who don’t want to hear heels are in the minority. Silent heel tips of vulcanized rubber are actually still available, but seldom used. Why? Probably because the shoes don’t sell, or they get returned. Most women want the attention, and have no use for anything that might suggest the attention does not mean what they want it to mean.
    Consider patent mary-janes, the little girl’s iconic first dress shoes. Oh boy! Do they ever get excited to have a pair, and stomp about in them hard enough, one would think, to break their ankles! Think it’s an accident that the heels, though only half an inch high, are made of a hard material that clacks loudly? I sure don’t! :D
    Heels are fetish for lots of people, including a fair number of those who posted comments to this article, and the noise is part of that package. In the UK and Europe, people can get long-wearing hardened steel tips for their heels. But, as two women have already posted to say, it is not just for the long lasting wear that they like them.
    I found this article while searching for a source of metal heel tips in the US. A URL, phone #, or shop location would be gratefully received.

  24. Tyy says:

    Personally heels are sexy and a way for woman to be beautiful from head to toe! If you don’t have anything nice to say then stfu cause you guys are bitching and moaning like women so y’all might as well join us ladies and wear some heels.

  25. Daniel says:

    It’s horrible, so unsophisticated.  Ladies, it’s not sexy – don’t do it!

  26. Abby says:

    personally i love wearing heels but im also in fashion design schools. but i hate the clicking sound!!!!! everyone always looks at me and i get all shy and embarassed. but i just love heels because i feel confident. im 5″11 and dont mind wearing heels to be even taller!!!

  27. Alyssa says:

    I love wearing heels considering im only 5’1, bu i hate the loud cklacking sound. I found this to be really helpful. However some of the people that have commented really need to calm down. You are entitled to your opnion, but this is not that big of an issue to get all worked up about.

  28. Mara says:

    I have never thought about noisy heels that much but its an interesting subject. I wear heels alot and mainly slides. Walking in them makes a slapping sound thats sometimes very loud and gets a alot of attention Its especially loud walking down stairs so Im always trying to keep them tight to my feet.I love heels .

  29. Geraldine says:

    Oh what an interesting subject. Many of my girlfriends in the UK simply love the sound our steel tipped heels make and we know that many of the gents like the sound as well. When I first started wearing heels in my teens, I couldn’t wait until the rubber tips which were attached to the heels when I bought them wore down so I could get steel tips fitted. To this day, I still get steel tips on my heels. The sound they make on concrete and shopping mall tiles makes me feel really sexy

  30. roxy says:

    I absolutely hate it when heels are so loud. I feel like everyone is looking at me and I don’t like being noticed at all. Unfortunately, I have to look professional for a presentation and the only pair of flats i have ripped and i have these shoes that make noise too much put the wedge is so tiny you can barely notice it. But the noise is loud and i don’t it when people turn to look at me so i try to make the least noise i can with those specific shoes (the only shoes i have that make noise)

  31. Heather says:

    I love to hear myself walk with steel taps on my heels, especially on tile floors and sidewalks. Such a delicious sound! And the attention’s not bad either! But I stopped wearing stiletto heels a long time ago–too uncomfortable. So I have metal taps fit to my heels, covering usually 1/2 or more of the heel. On some of my boots I have what are called horseshoe taps, but mostly my taps are crescent shaped. They’re on my flats, loafers, chunky heeled pumps, and sandals as well as my boots. Only my sneakers are tapless!
    I put up with disapproving stares because the positive feedback I get, usually from men, is much more valuable to me! And besides, I like the sound and I’d wear taps anyway. My husband thinks I’m nuts, but I think he secretly likes to hear my clickety-click walk. :-)

  32. Eric says:

    Whoever made them a fashion statement should be destroyed and turned into women’s flats. As a straight guy, I feel sorry for those females who torture their feet just to “look good” while sounding like clowns walking in them. You don’t need this much attention, ladies! Guys “say” they like it because they like giving you attention. It’s a nice thing to say. But to be honest, when you hear nothing but clack clack clack all day, it gets tiring. And it makes you feel a little sorry for the soul wearing them. Ladies, drop this horrible, cruel fashion statement. You look good but sound awful in them.

  33. Heather says:

    I love to hear myself walk with steel taps on my heels, especially on tile floors and sidewalks. Such a delicious sound! And the attention’s not bad either! But I stopped wearing stiletto heels a long time ago–too uncomfortable. So I have metal taps fit to my heels, covering usually 1/2 or more of the heel. On some of my boots I have what are called horseshoe taps, but mostly my taps are crescent shaped. They’re on my flats, loafers, chunky heeled pumps, and sandals as well as my boots. Only my sneakers are tapless!
    I put up with disapproving stares because the positive feedback I get, usually from men, is much more valuable to me! And besides, I like the sound and I’d wear taps anyway. My husband thinks I’m nuts, but I think he secretly likes to hear my clickety-click walk. :-)

  34. JR says:

    As a boy growing up in the late 50s& early 60s it was normal to hear women with metal heel tips on their pumps. It was such a feminine sound and the tips lasted as long as the shoes. My wife 10 yrs younger (now a school director) will wear out her plastic tips sometimes in 3 weeks. 8 years ago I bought her Faith shoes with metal tips and she was so impressed that they lasted so long she now has most of her high heels metal tipped. She is “take it or leave it” about the clicking, but I still find it exciting to hear metal tips walking. The sounds are just as feminine 55 years later.

  35. q says:

    Wow..didn’t realize how So many women are attention whores. I’m a girl BTW hahaha. Wearing heals does not make You sexy! You’re just wrapped up in your own little world, good for You. Maybe that explains why a lot of guys share the same views of women as Joseph Conrad

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