Military Discount Sales Financing with Bad Credit History

Military Discount Sales Financing with Bad Credit History

Military Bad Credit Computer PC Loan with Financing

We would like to introduce our new military and government financing partner High Tech Credit, a partner of 800HighTech. Who is High Tech Credit? Well, High Tech Credit was formed by the 800HighTech joining up with the guys who kept CompUSA alive for as long as it did. They left CompUSA after its doors closed and got right to work building up the partner base and delivering the goods under 3rd Coast Marketing LLC. With 800HighTech’s customer base growing, we needed to offer a larger product range and pre-configured computers and laptops at the best possible price for our Armed Forces and Civilian DoD customers. It was also imperative that we continue to provide fast shipping that included overseas military address and combat zones.

Military Armed Forces High Tech Credit Financing
Armed Forces Computer Laptops Financing for Military on Welfare or Have Bad Credit History

High Tech Credit is offering new best buy computer electronics media with financing for Armed Forces and Civilian DoD government contracted employees. Regardless of adverse credit history, receive bad credit history secured loans for high performance consumer electronics at military discount rates. Low monthly payments and zero money down with allotments through mypay DFAS Mil. All orders are guaranteed approval loans and include free shipping overseas. Shipments to troops stationed CONUS also include express overnight shipping.


Computer FinancingUsers with needs for high computer graphics to a budget best buy for lowest price. From Apple iMac machines to HP computer, High Tech Credit offers brand name computers with the latest computer hardware from reputable makers. Complete PC desktop setups to fill your digital and IT needs.

Computers Financed Custom Computer Military Financing Loan


Laptop Notebook Computers FinancedArmed forces need for portability without compromising power has led to a high demand of laptop desktop replacement computers at low prices. Toshiba laptop computers offer the most popular series notebooks, while Sony notebooks have surpassed the competition with high-end gaming and media laptop computers. Deployments and military exercises overseas does not mean you have to separate from modern technology and sever communication with family and friends.

Laptop Computers Financed Custom Computer Military Financing Loan

Plasma Flat Screen Monitors

Computer Monitor Display FinancingBarracks are notorious for being dull and inadequate. With a plasma screen monitor this all changes. Watch your favorite sports games, newest best selling DVDs in HD format, or battle your friends in shooting PSP game competition. Monitors today server multiple purposes and functions and can be used for both TV media and computer display. Widescreen HD monitors can be shipped to any base fully insured.

Plasma Flat Screen Monitors Financed Custom Computer Military Financing Loan

MP3 Audio and Media Players

Audio MP3 Player FinancingTake your music files with you and download/share your music with your friends. Audio mp3 players have expanded to play various audio and video formats on a shock proof high capacity hard drive. Apple iPod has taken the majority of this market with the Apple iPod Nano and Apple iPod Touch but with its strict copyright protection systems, it has not be favorable. That is why we have expanded the product line to feature media players that offer and do more than the average iPod. Not just music anymore – a complete media player with expanded digital capabilities.

MP3 Audio and Media Players Financed Custom Computer Military Financing Loan

Digital Cameras

DSLR Digital Camera FinancingMilitary men and women have the advantage of visiting remote and exotic locations while defending freedom and providing support. Capturing these moments is a must, and finding the digital camera that fits your needs is not difficult. Step up your photography hobby with the advantage of Digital SLR cameras financed with low monthly payments. Easily fit a Canon digital camera into your BDU for a compact camera to easily travel with. Share digital pictures with love ones back home with digital camera package.

Digital Cameras Financed Custom Computer Military Financing Loan

Video Camcorders

Digital Video Camcorder FinancingSetup up a recording studio and start creating your own movies with professional digital video camcorders that include financing. High Tech Credit offers the newest Sony HD camcorders and cameras that instantly burn DVDs. Taking up this hobby is now affordable and easy to setup all that you need.

Video Camcorders Financed Custom Computer Military Financing Loan

Gaming Systems

Home Gaming System FinancingMicrosoft and Sony have fought to capture the gaming industry with the release of XBox PSP PS2 and PS3. Combine a plasma widescreen TV and a high end gaming system for the ultimate setup. Choose and select the best XBox Games or PS2 Games for a package that has all you need and want.

Gaming System Financed Custom Computer Military Financing Loan


Printer Scanner Fax FinancingAll-in-one printers that fulfill all of your office and work needs. Your printing capabilities are nearly endless. Print digital photos, professional reports, cards, CD labels, and more. Scanners have continued to improve, offering an easy way to convert your photos into digital ones and scanning a document and converting it to a editable document you can edit with Microsoft Word. Faxing still exist and serves as a secure method of transmitting official documents.

Printers Financed Custom Computer Military Financing Loan

Unlocked Cell Phones

Unlocked Cellphones FinancingMobile cell phones are not just for making phone calls. Apple iPhone gained a lot of attention as a multi-purpose hand held device. Many other companies offer hand held devices that have seemed to merge cell phones, PDA, mp3 audio/media player, internet, chat, and more into one simple and easy to use device. With unlocked cellphones, you are able to use a network provider that offers the best options you like and change out SIM cards when traveling abroad instead of high cost roaming charges.

Unlocked Cell Phones Financed Custom Computer Military Financing Loan

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