Fashion that a Woman Should Never Wear on a First Date

Fashion that a Woman Should Never Wear on a First Date

Yo Ladies! I know you are getting excited to dress up and look the best for your first date. But before you decide what to wear, here are some outfits that you should NEVER EVER wear! In order to make a good impression and if you are hoping for a second date, then you must review these outfits before your date!

Never Ever Wear:

1. Stripper Heels and Mini Skirts/Shorts

First of all, showing too much skin  or flaunting too much of your good is just not that attractive. Plus, you don’t need to look like a hooker on your first date. So, please keep this outfit in your closet.




2. Super Low-Cut Mini Dress

It’s not a cleavage contest, so no need to wear a night club outfit on your first date. You can impress your breasts later if you pass this first date.




3. See through Tops/Bottoms

Its fine if you don’t wear a bra or panties. But PLEASE, if you ever do, make sure your top or bottoms are  not see through! I’ve seen girls wearing see through outfits, and its just totally disgusting!




4. Lazy Outfits

Come on, don’t be lazy. Don’t wear your pj’s and your sweatpants on your first date! Put some effort and impress your date!




5. Too Many Colors

Check the mirror before you step out of your house. Make sure the colors are matching, and not wearing too many colors!




How to Dress for a First Date?

The way you dress for a first date says a lot about who you are and provides some important visual clues to your partner. You want to look at your best and you don’t want to disappoint him.

Make sure:

1.You know where you are going: if it’s the beach, then dress up for the beach. If it’s a dinner date, make sure what you wear is appropriate for the dinner.

2.You are comfortable: The worst thing you could feel about yourself is ugly. Otherwise, you would feel self-conscious and horrible through-out the entire date.

3.You don’t dress the list above: Look at the pictures again if you need to.

How you choose to dress should show your date you respect him enough to make a good impression. It can also make you feel a lot more confident and relaxed on the date. Go with your own style, and be the unique one! Good luck on your first date!

Guys, what is the perfect outfit for her?

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5 Responsesto “Fashion that a Woman Should Never Wear on a First Date”

  1. jd webb says:

    I’ll Digg this, thanks!

  2. Una says:

    If    I’ m  going  to   a  date,I’ll  REMEMBER    ALL !

  3. Thanks for the nice post… I need to wear the new-oh-so-lovely season NOW- summer is around the corner!! I’m suffering lack of inspiration cause all the outfits I put together are too light to wear them now

  4. AzureInfinity says:

    Him or Her, you mean XD

  5. ron says:

    dress determines what you think of the other person,wheter you want to judge or not how you behave and any future thought you might have towards them

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