Sexy Muslim Ladies Shopping

Muslim lady shopping

This is going to sound weird, but out of curiosity I was at a fancy shopping mall in Bangkok, and bumped into many Muslim girls shopping. I do not know or understand their culture very well, so the first thing that popped into my head was “Why are they shopping, when all they do is wear the same black dress that cover their whole body up?” So, I was being a spy and was following them as they shopped, and manage to write down all the things, and types of clothing they were shopping for. (Not really, I just remembered) First stop, at ZARA- one of my favorite brand, it is a Spanish company and first opened in the year 1975. They have up to date fashion clothing, women, men, and children wear. It’s a very huge store that can make you spend a lot of money! Anyways, so they were in there for about 10 minutes and picked out 2 pairs of jeans. The next store they visited was GUESS. Yes, the well-known brand name “GUESS.” It also has the latest fashion for men, women, and children. I walked out before they saw me taking pictures. I did not want to follow them anymore, it seemed like they knew. But at least I know now that Muslim women do shop, they do wear pretty clothes, and they have beautiful features as well!

So I came back home, immediately I went on GOOGLE and found out some facts on Muslim ladies. The hood around their head is called a Hijaab. It is really not a fashion for them, but a way of thinking and behaving, and accepting for who you are and what you are. So basically, all Islamic women wears a Hijaab to show their way of life, religion and portray a certain attitude. They do wear the same thing as everyone else, jeans, t-shirt, tank-tops…etc. We will just never see them dressing like that in public because they must cover themselves up when they are out. It is just a way of showing respect to their own culture, and to protect themselves. So, all the shopping they did was really for their lover and family at home. They can wear whatever they want in the house but when they are in public must cover up!

Muslim Lady Shopping

3 Responsesto “Sexy Muslim Ladies Shopping”

  1. alice says:

    i wear a hijab and i have a few. i love accesorizing them and have lots of fun while being modest at the same time

  2. Shereen says:

    Just to note, the purpose of the hijab does not mean to ‘show respect’ to culture because the hijab is part of Islam, you are confusing religious beliefs with culture. And just to let you in on a little secret, like any other non- Muslim woman, Muslim women are human just in case you haven’t figured that out yet, and yes they love to shop.

  3. Noufal.V says:

    I’m a Muslim boy.And I’m so proud our sexy Muslim ladies.Purdah give them more attractions.By wearing body shape purdahs,they can expose their buttocks and boobs.Hence men get attracted.And Muslim women are able to enjoy from manhood very quickly by rising their purdahs up.For this purpose,many of our ladies do not wear panties or under garments.

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