Which Country Has the Sexiest School Uniform?

Which Country Has the Sexiest School Uniform?

asian school girls uniforms

International School Uniforms

I didn’t have to wear uniforms when I was in elementary and middle school. However, uniforms only started because students were wearing clothing that were too revealing. The school that I went to started having strict dress code rules, and it was a “MUST” that we all followed. With such strict dress code rules, some students may attempt to subvert the system of uniforms by wearing their uniforms incorrectly or by adding prohibited elements such as large loose socks or badges. Many girls may shorten their skirts and boys may wear trousers about the hips, omit ties, or keep their shirts unbuttoned.

Up until I got into university in Taiwan, uniforms were no longer a part of my life.

Thailand School Uniform

Cute Thai Student UniformToday, school uniforms are almost universal in the public and private school systems. Mainly for student’s who are still in elementary, middle and high school. School uniforms are commonly worn in Thailand and there is little difference as to grade level. Thai school uniforms usually are very basic. The same uniform is worn year round as there is no cold winter weather to contend with. From Primary school to high school, girls wear white middy blouse, dark blue skirt, and dark blue bows. However each schools has there own distinctive uniforms.

Popular University Uniform in Thailand

tight shirt uniformThere are not too many universities now that requires student’s to wear uniforms. Surprisingly uniform carries on into university in Thailand. It is now a trend to wear uniforms even when you’re out of university. Usually its the white shirt (extra small shirt) and black knee length skirt. However, girls usually shorten their skirts and purchase extra small, tight shirt to show off their curves. Since all universities wears the same form of uniform, the only way to identify their school is by the pis, buttons and the belts they wear. Most girls are proud of their school, so they would wear their uniform everyday and even on holidays.

Japanese School Uniform

Japanese Kids Uniform

The Japanese word for uniform is seifuku. Universities in Japan does not require students to wear uniforms, however in some private women universities they may require students to wear them. Girl’s uniforms might include a gray pleated skirt and white blouse. The sailor outfit is often used for girls in middle school and high school Uniform changes by season, and occasion.

Popular School Uniform in Japan

Very few university in Japan requires to wear uniform. However, the most popular school uniform in Japan is called the sailor outfit. It is called a sailor girl uniform because the top part is shaped like the shirt the sailors wore in the old days.The top has a ribbon on it of different colors and shapes. The typical type is just a big bow in the front.The socks that people wear with the uniforms are usually navy or white. Navy knee socks are considered the best looking nowadays because it makes your legs look skinnier with the dark color.

Did You Know?!

  • In Japan, it is common for both boys and girls wear brightly colored caps to prevent traffic accidents.
  • In Japan and Thailand, it is normal for uniforms to be worn outside of school areas.
  • Japanese Sailor Uniform is now a popular Halloween costume

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Thai uniform (above) was not intended to be sexy. But the girls wear them so tight and short they end up being pretty sexy. The original skirt is a lot longer than after they tailored it.


No matter which University they goto, all of them wears the same white tight top with the short black skirt. However, to identify the schools, it usually says it on their pins or belt. As for shoes, they usually wear heels or sandals that matches their skirts. Girls also add some interesting accessories, such as earrings, or necklaces.

Japanese Girls Uniform

The Japanese uniform is looks totally different from Thai. It’s layers of another layer. The poofy white socks with the mini pleated skirts. Girl’s don’t mind wearing short skirts in the winter too. All they need is an extra scarf to keep them warm.

Japanese Hot Girl uniform

They don’t wear extra-small shirts, but they unbutton their buttons when teachers are out of sight.


Sometimes, Japanese girl’s like their long black socks to make sure people know that their legs are extremely white.


Since all girls are looking the same in uniform, magazines are helping students to create an outstanding look with their uniforms!

Sexy Asian School Girls Uniform

Thai School Girls Uniform

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Japanese School Girls Uniform

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Which Country Has the Sexiest School Uniform?

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  1. nirnam says:


    Thai uniforms are of University students, there are in their 20s. Japanese uniforms are of High School students. The different between teens and adults here.

    Thai High School students uniforms are range from covering their shins and definitely not above the knees.  Also, the shirts with bottons is an indication that they are College students.   


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