Which Country Has the Sexiest School Uniform?

Which Country Has the Sexiest School Uniform?

asian school girls uniforms

International School Uniforms

I didn’t have to wear uniforms when I was in elementary and middle school. However, uniforms only started because students were wearing clothing that were too revealing. The school that I went to started having strict dress code rules, and it was a “MUST” that we all followed. With such strict dress code rules, some students may attempt to subvert the system of uniforms by wearing their uniforms incorrectly or by adding prohibited elements such as large loose socks or badges. Many girls may shorten their skirts and boys may wear trousers about the hips, omit ties, or keep their shirts unbuttoned.

Up until I got into university in Taiwan, uniforms were no longer a part of my life.

Thailand School Uniform

Cute Thai Student UniformToday, school uniforms are almost universal in the public and private school systems. Mainly for student’s who are still in elementary, middle and high school. School uniforms are commonly worn in Thailand and there is little difference as to grade level. Thai school uniforms usually are very basic. The same uniform is worn year round as there is no cold winter weather to contend with. From Primary school to high school, girls wear white middy blouse, dark blue skirt, and dark blue bows. However each schools has there own distinctive uniforms.

Popular University Uniform in Thailand

tight shirt uniformThere are not too many universities now that requires student’s to wear uniforms. Surprisingly uniform carries on into university in Thailand. It is now a trend to wear uniforms even when you’re out of university. Usually its the white shirt (extra small shirt) and black knee length skirt. However, girls usually shorten their skirts and purchase extra small, tight shirt to show off their curves. Since all universities wears the same form of uniform, the only way to identify their school is by the pis, buttons and the belts they wear. Most girls are proud of their school, so they would wear their uniform everyday and even on holidays.

Japanese School Uniform

Japanese Kids Uniform

The Japanese word for uniform is seifuku. Universities in Japan does not require students to wear uniforms, however in some private women universities they may require students to wear them. Girl’s uniforms might include a gray pleated skirt and white blouse. The sailor outfit is often used for girls in middle school and high school Uniform changes by season, and occasion.

Popular School Uniform in Japan

Very few university in Japan requires to wear uniform. However, the most popular school uniform in Japan is called the sailor outfit. It is called a sailor girl uniform because the top part is shaped like the shirt the sailors wore in the old days.The top has a ribbon on it of different colors and shapes. The typical type is just a big bow in the front.The socks that people wear with the uniforms are usually navy or white. Navy knee socks are considered the best looking nowadays because it makes your legs look skinnier with the dark color.

Did You Know?!

  • In Japan, it is common for both boys and girls wear brightly colored caps to prevent traffic accidents.
  • In Japan and Thailand, it is normal for uniforms to be worn outside of school areas.
  • Japanese Sailor Uniform is now a popular Halloween costume

:: Halloween Sailor Outfits :: Cute Sexy Uniform :: Japanese Orange Hats ::


Thai uniform (above) was not intended to be sexy. But the girls wear them so tight and short they end up being pretty sexy. The original skirt is a lot longer than after they tailored it.


No matter which University they goto, all of them wears the same white tight top with the short black skirt. However, to identify the schools, it usually says it on their pins or belt. As for shoes, they usually wear heels or sandals that matches their skirts. Girls also add some interesting accessories, such as earrings, or necklaces.

Japanese Girls Uniform

The Japanese uniform is looks totally different from Thai. It’s layers of another layer. The poofy white socks with the mini pleated skirts. Girl’s don’t mind wearing short skirts in the winter too. All they need is an extra scarf to keep them warm.

Japanese Hot Girl uniform

They don’t wear extra-small shirts, but they unbutton their buttons when teachers are out of sight.


Sometimes, Japanese girl’s like their long black socks to make sure people know that their legs are extremely white.


Since all girls are looking the same in uniform, magazines are helping students to create an outstanding look with their uniforms!

Sexy Asian School Girls Uniform

Thai School Girls Uniform

Thai School Girl Uniform :: Thai School Girl Uniform :: Thai School Girl Uniform :: Thai School Girl Uniform :: Thai School Girl Uniform :: Thai School Girl Uniform :: Thai School Girl Uniform :: Thai School Girl Uniform :: Thai School Girl Uniform :: Thai School Girl Uniform

Japanese School Girls Uniform

Japanese School Girls Uniform :: Japanese School Girls Uniform :: Japanese School Girls Uniform :: Japanese School Girls Uniform ::Japanese School Girls Uniform :: Japanese School Girls Uniform :: Japanese School Girls Uniform :: Japanese School Girls Uniform :: Japanese School Girls Uniform :: Japanese School Girls Uniform

Which Country Has the Sexiest School Uniform?

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51 Responsesto “Which Country Has the Sexiest School Uniform?”

  1. Great post! I post on my blog often about the sexy coed uniforms (those Thai uniforms in your post). I like the Japanese unis, too.

  2. Mike says:

    I live in Thailand, the university girls/ladies because some of them are in their late twenties, are most beautiful, and all look so sexy in their uniforms. Most Thai girls have wonderful figures, and with a bit of extra, such as small shirt and short skirt with accessories they could go to any fashion parade and win. Long may that continue

  3. Sao says:

    I like wear my uniform sexy. Man guys will look and talk to me. Me and my friends try to wear sexiest and show more

  4. wesley says:

    i think these uniform are just so slutty.

  5. Judy says:

    looks like thailand is leading

  6. richie says:

    I have lived in Thailand and will never stop looking/listening at the uni girls clip clopping around the shopping malls in the short tight skirts and clicky shoes.
    they are amazing.

    But I think i’m developing a fetish for the Japanese look too. but its a bit disney ish for me.

    The Thai uni uniform is that a uniform, the Japanese look is a bit cartoony for my liking and looks like it was a pervy old man who decided what school girls should wear.

  7. satori says:

    i think it’s not comparable , thai uniform in your text , it’s university , and japanese uniform it’s high school ,, is not comparable , when 18 old girl japanese don’t wear it anymore ,( certainly for a way to know young ppl for jap man lol )
    that mean you will know these girl japanese are still young , but thai uniform like this is for university , not for high school , they are older usually more than 18 old ,

    you should compare what is similar ,

  8. chinghan says:

    Hi, I’m Chinghan from Beijing.
    I’m doing a school project called school uniform from all around the world.
    Hopefully you could send me some photo of school uniforms from different country for my project.

    Please tell me the school uniform’s country when you reply this message along with some photo of school uniform.

    Thank you so much.

  9. Brice Fisher says:

    Asin’s are the Best

  10. pepesan says:

    They both look good but I’m going to have to side with the Japanese. Their school uniforms are sexy versions of the uniforms in my country.
    The thai school uniforms however are not that different from mall saleslady uniforms from my country.
    If teens wear such uniform (I mean, the Thai uniform), they’d look older than their real age.
    On the contrary, a middle-aged Japanese woman wearing a school uniform can easily make her look younger.
    The Thai uniform looks too dull. They look like police cops or salesladies. Like I could approach them and ask for assistance…

  11. sang says:


  12. Charles says:

    what counts is what is under the short skirt and the tight blouse!

    I like no panties and half cut bra’s!


  13. Dan Marston says:

    I really think Japan has the sexiest school uniform I especially love the black knee socks the japanese school girls wear

  14. Dunn-D says:

    Japan, hands down!!!!

  15. ChelseaBill says:

    Oh! Memories of riding the Bangkok BTS with the air conditioning on full blast and the little angels wearing short, tight skirts and sitting flashing a little bit of panty-clad beaver or even, on rare occasions, bare puss…  Just to drive the farang nutz!
    How can one not love Thaialnd????

  16. ChelseaBill says:

    Oh! Memories of riding the Bangkok BTS with the air conditioning on full blast and the little angels wearing short, tight skirts and sitting flashing a little bit of panty-clad beaver or even, on rare occasions, bare puss…  Just to drive the farang nutz!
    How can one not love Thailand????

  17. Rich says:

    Closer inspection required.

  18. LOG1Kpi says:

    Japan. Hands down.

  19. Dom says:

    Thai-uniforms are more sexy and slutty, whereas japanese ones are just cute looking.

  20. Ms. Tinapay says:

    I like the Japanese uniform’s better, they’re cute and sexy :DD

  21. Spanish school uniforms are hot, but Spanish girls are bitches :-(

  22. issy says:

    All thai girl are sluts…easiest girls in the world to get in bed.Money kills moral and open all ladies legs in thailand

  23. James Bond says:

    A Thai girl or a Japanese girl — what’s the dfference?
    I like the long black hair and the beautiful dark Asian eyes.

  24. alice says:

    Japanese deffiantly.

  25. Russell says:

    Thai girl’s uniform look much more sexy than Japan’s.-Here in Songkhla,they look much too sexy and provokative often.-They make me very sexually-excited and give me penile-erections often!

  26. Jinn says:

    love the japz uniforms coz im an anime fanatic haha

  27. mickyboy says:

    LOG1kpi — I prefer hands up !!! Japanese OR Thai

  28. jase says:

    man… i MISS asia so much…

    this post makes it worse.. :-/


    Hello, Thai BTS!!! 😀

  29. kirina landipa says:

    Japan hands down! Thai Uniform looks like Office Uniform in the Philippines :))

  30. samuel welsh says:

    defently japan

  31. Derek says:

    Where it all started: British school uniforms are best!

    Asian ones are sexy too.

  32. Ken Bower says:

    I’ve lived in Japan 5 1/2 years full time, Thailand 39 years full or part time, and the Philippines 3 years, but in increments.

    Thailand is #1 by a mile, Japan in 2nd by a half mile and Philippines in 3rd by 100 miles over all other countries.  If #1-3, but if the students were allowed to adjust their uniforms to fit their  personal tastes, not to be adjusted by parent nor teacher,  I’d put Singapore in 4th, Hong Kong in 5th, Malaysia in 6th, Indonesia in 7th, China in 8th, USA in 9th and who cares.

    In Thailand, Chulalongkorn University wins out by hundreds of miles both in the number of drop dead gorgeous students but in the shortest and tightest uniforms.

  33. Blah says:

    France, Puerto Rico.
    Hands down.
    Not only the hottest uniforms, but also much hotter babes.

  34. Kline says:

    altough u say thailand better but some of they got stupid face but for japan they look so cute with their short skirt…!!! MUAH!!!MUAH!!!

  35. khusro mirza says:

    Now that,s what i call it,The easy things to wear mini skirts in a public places,like wearing skirts and farting a lot.

  36. Kline says:

    thailand sexy but their face like shit!

  37. Rada saba says:

    Sweet..For thai girl.but so Exteam for japanese girl..! way..?

  38. IMNOTAWHORE says:

    Im one of thai girl and u know what? i am not a  slut.
    Thai uniform are not sexy as u think i mean in high school we have a strict rule like cutting our hair and i totally hate it!
    and in the university uniform, how tight of their shirt or how short of their skirt or they wanna be a whore  those uniform are choose by the university students, individual person decision
    some of my friends are slutty, and im sure that slut have all over the world not only in Thailand and another things is Thailand may have some slut i mean “SOME”  not “ALL” thai are slutty.. atleast me one that not slutty or being a bitch or whore that could easily sleep with any one !!!!

  39. IAMNOTAWHORE says:

    im thai girl and im not a slut !!!!!
    first of all i wanna say that thai uniform are not as sexy as u think i mean government high school uniform isn’t sexy at all we have strict school rules here..
    University uniform some may find out that it’s sexy but u know what the university students are allow to choose how tight is their shirt , how short of their skirt or choose to be a slut!!
    and u know what this is all about individual person’s decision about their uniform. and i hope everyone know that SLUT HAVE ALL OVER THE WORLD NOT ONLY IN THAILAND.
    some of my friends are slut yes they are. Some of Thai girl are Slut yeah maybe. But just “SOME’ NOT “ALL” THAI GIRL ARE SLUT atleast  I AM THE ONE, I AM NOT A SLUT IAM NOT A WHORE,I AM NOT A BITCH THAT CAN SLEEP WITH ANY MAN!!!

  40. Chi chin says:

    Thai all the way…sexier uniform, better looking, sexier body.

  41. some1udontknow says:

    i would say thai. i live in thailand but i go 2 an international skool. but seriously like IAMNOTAWHORE said not every thai girls r sluts u know? they just like it short 

  42. Pyre says:

    I agree with IAMNOTAWHORE and some1udontknow.

    I’m not Thai. I’m Chinese American and I live in Thailand.

    Remember, you dirty men (lol), that not all Thai girls are sluts or whores. Only some. It’s the same everywhere else, yes?

    The stereotype that all Thai girls are whores is fueled by the sex industry.

    But like a lot of stereotypes, this one just isn’t true.

  43. John says:

    I would have said Japanese uniforms, but that was before I arrived in Thailand and had teenage students walking in front of me in short pleated skirts…

  44. inurface! says:

    no doubt japan!!!! America should do that as uniforms intead of the ugly ones we wear now…..

  45. scotsman says:

    I just love the Japanese uniform, those beautiful asian faces,
    and lovely uniform. then when they flash their white cotton panties,
    when sitting on the train,and you see that there is a wet patch on them. oh for the old days,when for a bit of cash ,she would let you sniff them.

  46. umanga abeyrathna says:


  47. Kylie says:

    Ive done MA schooling in australia and the whole Japanese long shocks are coming in with short skirts……but I’ve been to Thailand and japan on student exchange…..n hands down the Japanese uniform is the best…. High school, UNI, or extra schooling in thailand is all the same……the Japanese uniform up here r shit……the uniform there is much better its lyk anime where ever you go…n boys the uniform is much more sexier trust me ..lolz..the only thing in japan I don’t lyk bout school is the last half HR of the day u gotta clean the whole school….but at least i was in such sexy uniform…..when I arrived the uniform shocked me n so I brought it and took it home so now I wear it to parties and Halloween…..when I wore Thai I felt really uncomfortable n dirty for sum reason…don’t get me wrong I had a blast but not my FING…….I REMEBER this one school on our train in japan…their skirts where so short socks up to the ass….when the train went passed there skirt went up n swear to god saw the most sexuest g-string but they weren’t wearing blazers with the sailor thing….it was polo shirt half open n all them girls luved red….cause see thru shirts HELLO..JAPAN ALL THE WAY BITCHES…!

  48. Kylie says:


  49. nirnam says:

    Thai girls are college girls between 19-24yrs old and Japanese girls are High School Girls-kids.

  50. Deria says:

    Ugh.. Wish they had uniforms here as well, like the Japanese ones. The thai ones are sexy too, but the Japanese uniforms are both sexy and adorable. I love them. But then again, I would’ve stopped wearing my uniform by now if I had one (I suppose..) I’ve never gone to a school which requires people to wear uniforms.


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